Taking in pets increases amid pandemic


By Daichi Ito

As people follow stay-at-home orders, many have decided now is the best time to get a dog.

According to Pethealth, which covers 1,400 shelters and organizations across the country, there has been a 795% increase in foster care from last year. 

This increase is due in part to the instructions to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. In addition, many shelters and organizations around the country have waived their adoption fees to spark more interest among potential owners.

Anna Claire Bullard, a junior child development major, adopted Benji, a 5-year-old poodle/terrier mix at the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth.

Anna Claire Bullard adopted Benji, a poodle/terrier mix. Photo courtesy of Anna Claire Bullard

After her last dog, Baby, passed away recently, she decided now would be the best time to get another dog.

“I have a decent amount of free time, and after my last companion passed away, it was heart wrenching to think that I wouldn’t take care of another dog,” Bullard said. “I loved her so much.”

Many of her close friends and family encouraged her to get another dog after seeing how much joy dogs bring to her. 

“Several friends told me I’m a great ‘dog mom’ and could make a difference in another dog’s life,” Bullard said. 

Camille Wilson, a TCU alumna, adopted Dapper, her miniature dapple dachshund, on April 5 after driving more than two hours from Dallas to Cross Plains, Texas. 

Camille Wilson adopted Dapper, a miniature dapple Dachshund. Photo courtesy of Camille Wilson

“I was planning on getting a dog this summer, but now is the perfect time because I’m working from home,” Wilson said. 

She realizes this won’t last forever and has sought advice from those around her on how to take care of a dog once she goes back to work. 

“It’ll change a lot once I get back to work,” Wilson said. “But my big has had a dog for a while, and she works all day. I know that if it works for her, I would be able to do it as well.”

Though many shelters and organizations encourage adoptions and foster care, they urge people not to make impulse decisions.