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Students on and off campus reflect on their time in quarantine

TCU’s tuition increases almost every year. In the past decade, TCU tuition rose 56% or by $20,630. (Heesoo Yang/Staff Photographer)

TCU’s quarantine policy for students who are exposed to COVID-19 is the same for students living on and off campus, but their experiences with isolating are different.

According to the TCU Connected Campus website, TCU requires students to get tested and quarantine for 14 days if they are exposed to COVID-19, regardless of whether they show any symptoms. Quarantined students must primarily stay within their rooms and temporarily take their in-person courses online.

For on- and off-campus students, quarantining came with different experiences, with some being easier than others.

Savannah Glenn, a junior business marketing major, said “being off-campus definitely made it easier to deal with as far as getting food and groceries and having your own space.” 

Jeff Stuart, a junior strategic communication major, said living off campus “has made quarantine a lot easier.”

“They were very helpful in giving me ways to stay safe, [but] TCU didn’t monitor me since I live off campus,” Stuart said.

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Madi Alger, a first-year student who lives on-campus, had a different experience while in quarantine.

“I think being on-campus made it harder because I had to share a bathroom and can’t get food delivered to my dorm,” she said.

Alger said her roommate had to bring her food and she used the bathroom used by all the residents on her floor.

Some students also had to adjust to the temporary move to online classes.  

Haley Atkins, a first-year student who lives on campus, said it was hard to hear some of her professors who weren’t standing close enough to the microphone.

When asked how they felt about TCU making them quarantine for 14 days, both on and off-campus students said they understood why it was necessary.

“I’m happy that TCU made me quarantine because it reassures me that TCU is taking the pandemic seriously,” said Alger.

TCU will continue to ask both on and off-campus students who have been exposed to COVID-19 to quarantine.

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