MyFW resident app gets an update


The northwest corner of Lubbock Ave and W Cantey St remains battered. (Jack Wallace/Staff Photographer)

By Ben Kasper

Originally used to report potholes and malfunctioning traffic lights, the MyFW app now allows residents to report a variety of issues.

Users can now report violations including graffiti, solid waste violations, zoning, litter, illegal dumping and COVID-19-related issues.

Since the creation of the app in August 2019, 45,367 reports and violations that were posted have been deemed closed.

Since the new update, users are now able to attach a photo and pin locations of the issues they report. This gives maintenance workers in the city the exact location of the issue, as well as a photograph of what they should be fixing. 

The addition of the Code Enforcement section on the app now puts residents in direct contact with code officers in Fort Worth. Some code violations include health hazards, property maintenance, solid waste violations and vehicles parked in restricted or residential areas. 

Josh Richard, a Fort Worth resident, found the app through Fort Worth’s government website after the Fort Worth Police Department did not respond to his report of a vehicle blocking his driveway for a couple of days. 

“I posted a picture of the car and added the location, and that day I got a call from a code officer asking for the make, model and license plate of the car,” Richard said. “I gave them all the information I could and two days later it was gone.”   

Reports can be filed through the app and its website.