TCU distributes 3,500 vaccines at annual flu clinic


TCU hosted its annual flu vaccine clinic on Oct. 8, 2020. The clinic took place outdoors this year to adhere to safety precautions. (Leah Bolling/Staff Reporter)

By Leah Bolling, Managing Editor

TCU distributed 3,500 vaccines Wednesday at its annual flu clinic, which was held outdoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The clinic was held in the Campus Commons to ensure compliance with CDC guidelines. Every participant was required to wear a mask, the sidewalks were marked with tape to ensure a six-foot distance between people waiting in line, and everything was designed to have participants flow through the clinic in under three minutes.

“We modeled it as if it was a COVID vaccine,” said Sharon Canclini, an assistant professor of professional practice in the nursing department. “Meaning we are preparing ourselves for when that vaccine comes.”

The flu clinic served as the example clinic for Tarrant County, preparing doctors for when the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. After determining the success of TCU’s flu clinic, Tarrant County will consider this same model to be emulated for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Students were able to check in for their vaccine before getting the shot. (Leah Bolling/Staff Reporter)

Canclini said she thinks this year is especially important for people to receive a flu shot.

“The flu and COVID-19 are circulating at the same time and we know we have a vaccine for the flu that is effective,” Canclini said.

Senior nursing student Megan White, who was giving vaccines to students and faculty, said she noticed an increase in participants who have never received a flu shot before.

“Some people have told me that because of COVID-19 is why they are getting a shot,” White said.

Several nursing students who ran the clinic said they were pleased with how participants followed all the safety guidelines.

“Everyone has been really good about maintaining space in line and wearing their mask,” said senior nursing student Chloe Standford. “Everyone has been really cooperative.”

Although TCU will not be providing any more vaccinations this year, students and faculty can still receive a vaccine by going to their physician or places such as Walgreens or Target.