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SGA passes resolution to support zero-tolerance policy against hate speech

SGA convenes in the BLUU Ballroom this year to follow COVID-19 guidelines. (Heesoo Yang/Staff Photographer)

The Student Government Association voted to support the implementation of a zero-tolerance policy against hate speech.

According to the resolution, which passed with 90.5% of the vote, the code of student conduct should include disciplinary sanctions for those who use hate speech. It calls for students who use hate speech to face a minimum consequence of suspension from TCU and expulsion for any future offense.

Mikea Jackson, the SGA director of diversity and inclusion and author of the bill, wrote in an email she believes it is time for TCU to take some action.

“TCU has made many commitments and performative actions in support of marginalized students and DEI,” she wrote in an email. “However, they have only been performative.”

According to the resolution, hate speech contradicts TCU’s mission to create “ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.” Key to this goal, Jackson wrote in the resolution, is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Jackson proposed the resolution to encourage the administration to make a concrete decision about implementing a zero-tolerance sanction against hate speech.

“The passing of this resolution showcases that the Student Government Association is trying to be a representative and advocate for their entire student body, including marginalized populations,” wrote Jackson.

This resolution requires that SGA advocates for “the interests of all undergraduate students, including those in marginalized groups.”

“People must realize, understand, and accept that hate speech is not a matter of ideological differences, there is a history of othering and oppression of marginalized lives when you talk about hate speech,” said Jackson.

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