Episode 248 – THIS. IS. MARCH.


By Jack Wallace

Jack and Noah welcome the month of March by diving right into college basketball recap, including TCU’s three most recent games and all the recent conference regular-season champions. We also look at the wild Horizon League Quarterfinals and action in the NBA, plus a look at other sports including some NFL cuts and baseball news. Follow us @BlanketCovPod on Twitter and @blanketcoveragepodcast on Instagram for more news and updates!

0:00-13:36 – Other Sports Roundup
13:36-36:23 – NBA
36:23-1:01:35 – College Basketball Conference Roundup
1:01:35-1:11:25 – TCU Basketball Recap
1:11:35-END – Team of the Week; Updated Bracketology/Bubble Watch