Episode 205 – NFC North Exit Interview (Packers, Bears, Vikings, Lions)


By Jack Wallace

Jack and Noah continue their 2020/21 NFL Exit Interview series with the first NFC episode on the NFC North. This episode features the regular season and post-season recaps and takes, as well as the upcoming NFL Draft. We feature the Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears, the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions. Follow us @BlanketCovPod on Twitter and @blanketcoveragepodcast on Instagram for more news and updates!

0:00-7:00 – NFL Updates
7:00-16:10 – Green Bay Packers
16:10-27:08 – Chicago Bears
27:08-32:30 – Minnesota Vikings
32:30-39:20 – Detroit Lions
39:20-END – Divisional Champ Preview