Greek social events return to TCU


Pi Beta Phi and Pi Kappa Phi members posed for photos in Greek village before the formal. Photo by Allie Brown

By Allie Brown

Amidst the everchanging COVID-19 pandemic, TCU took one more step toward normality this past weekend.

Fraternity and Sorority Life held the first official social event of the year on Sept. 16. This social event was a formal with Pi Beta Phi and Pi Kappa Phi, the first event since early 2020.

Before the formal, the Greek village was bustling with activity as people took pictures and met up with friends. Several busses were parked in Lot 2, and the two Greek organizations boarded the busses shortly after 7 p.m.

Pi Beta Phi and Pi Kappa Phi then traveled to the venue, Hyena’s Comedy Club, in Downtown Fort Worth.

The purpose of having social events is to have fun and let loose, said Alex Salgado, a junior marketing major and Pi Beta Phi president.

Social events are typically never just one organization. Greek organizations work with the Fraternity and Sorority Life office (FSL) to pair up with another fraternity or sorority for each event. Typically, events involve a sorority and a fraternity but also can involve more than two Greek organizations.

Social events can be formals, semi-formals or mixers, depending on what the sorority or fraternity wants. Formals and semi-formals are similar to a high school prom, and mixers are often a themed party.

“Being a part of a sorority or fraternity you have a lot of commitments,” Salgado said. “There are chapter meetings and a lot of business and service hours, so in order to reward our members and give back to them and allow them to have fun, we plan an event for them where they can just socialize and have a night somewhere else.”

Social events are not required, but people always look forward to them, Salgado said.

“Last year was really tough because our members would always ask us when [social events] were coming back,” Salgado said.

Greek organizations were not informed that social events were being allowed this year until summer.

It seems social events have returned this year as normal, but nothing is set in stone at this time.

FSL told presidents that one of each of their social events may be removed, but it is not confirmed, Salgado said.

Masks are required while traveling on the busses to and from the venue. Once inside the venue, restrictions are determined by venue staff rather than TCU.

Despite restrictions, sorority and fraternity members are glad social events have returned.

“I think they’re one of the most fun parts of our year,” Salgado said. “The experience and the memories are what people have missed the most.”