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The Kimbell Art Museum offers involvement for TCU students

The signage outside the Kimbell Museum facing University Avenue. Photo by Izzy Acheson.

The Kimbell Art Museum, located in the Fort Worth Cultural District, is preparing to open its newest exhibit, “Turner’s Modern World,” Oct. 17, an exhibit highlighting the works of British landscape painter J.M.W. Turner.

Turner is “one of the most important artists of the 19th century,” said Connie Barganier, education manager at the Kimbell.

The Kimbell plans to host its first University Evening since COVID-19, highlighting “Turner’s Modern World,” Wednesday, Nov. 3 from 4 to 6 p.m.

University Evening events are free-of-charge exhibitions for area college and university students, and now include scavenger hunts and trivia questions to help focus exploration in the exhibit. The museum is also offering virtual lectures hosted in conjunction with the exhibit if students cannot attend in person.

The signage advertising Turner’s Modern World in the entrance to the Kimbell Art Museum. Photo by Izzy Acheson.

TCU students have had the opportunity to explore the Kimbell during Frog Camp. “I thought the paintings were stunning,” said first-year pre-business major Morgan Mantel.

“Everything was so organized — it was refreshing to look at,” Andrea Lopez, senior studio art and biology double major said. “I go to the Kimbell a lot. Last year the art department gave us a year-long membership and I love to take friends and see their reactions to the art.”

University Evenings appeal to college crowds, but the world-renowned architecture of the Kahn Building and Renzo Piano Pavilion engages international crowds.

The Louis I. Kahn Building and the Renzo Piano Pavilion are works of art themselves. Both buildings are esteemed examples of modern architecture that have earned outstanding architectural accolades.

The museum is also home to many famous works including the earliest known piece by Michelangelo, the Caravaggio exhibit and an extensive collection of 19th century works by Monet and Renoir. These pieces are part of the Kimbell’s permanent collection that students can observe at any time.

The Kimbell is always encouraging students to come to learn about the artwork. “Pieces of art are these neatly packaged experiences that open doors to places and peoples that could be very far away from our own experiences,” Barganier said.

“Art gives me a moment to stop and think,” said Lopez. “Looking at art is thought-provoking.”

Before going to the gallery, students should read the Know Before You Go webpage. There are plenty of opportunities for students to experience Kimbell’s exhibits in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines for COVID-19. Upcoming events and exhibitions can be found on the Kimbell calendar.

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