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COVID-19 test center shortages near TCU

Sign outside the CVS on West Berry Street Saturday, declaring that this location is no longer offering COVID-19 testing. (Credit//Matthew Sgroi)
COVID-19 testing centers around TCU plagued with test shortages

A year ago today, every pharmacy, urgent care and COVID-19 testing center around the country was short on COVID tests. One year later and not much has changed. 

“Rapid testing” hasn’t been so rapid, as those who need or want a test may still have to wait a couple days to get one. Those couple of days could be the difference between visiting a loved one, going to a large event or simply the difference between tranquility or days of anxiety. 

“I was planning on going to a wedding,” Cami Peddie said. “I needed to get a test quickly so that I’d be able to attend … the process was not quick.”

Testing centers around the TCU area, and around Fort Worth in general, have been swamped with demands for testing appointments.

The CVS on West Berry Street completely ran out of COVID-19 tests to give. The Walgreens next door is booked days out in advance for testing appointments. Some urgent care clinics around the area are as well.

The Berry Street CVS doesn’t know when they will be getting their next shipment.

Edriana Cofer tried to get tested at the CVS, as the pharmacy is located just a couple blocks from her apartment.

“When I got there after class, they told me that I could not get tested … I didn’t have a lot of time to go far, so it was just frustrating that I couldn’t go right here,” Cofer said.

If you need or want COVID-19 testing and are a TCU student, call and schedule a testing appointment with the Brown-Lupton Health Center. They have free appointments and a well-stocked cabinet of COVID-19 tests. Tests are free and don’t take more than 30 minutes. 

The Health Center says appointments fill up quick, so if you plan to get a test, book early on the same day to guarantee yourself a spot.

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