Fort Worth Police arrests man on TCU campus after city-wide pursuit


Fort Worth Police began pursuing the suspect in South Hills and the chase ended at the Sid W. Richardson Building on TCU campus Tuesday night. (Photo by Derek Lytle)

By Derek Lytle and JD Pells

The Fort Worth Police Department arrested a man outside of the Sid W. Richardson Building following a police pursuit Tuesday night.

The suspect had been reported in a domestic situation that occurred off-campus and was pursued from South Hills to TCU campus, where the suspect threatened suicide on the ramp of Sid W. Richardson until police negotiated a surrender.

“We were responding to a stalking, domestic call [for a] guy who had beat his girlfriend multiple times,” a Fort Worth Police Officer said at the scene.

The pursuit began in South Hills, and after police lost sight of the suspect, he was reported being seen at McDonald’s on the outskirts of the TCU campus.

The police said the man was suffering from wounds caused by jumping over multiple fences.

TCU Police alerted students to stay clear of the investigation scene at approximately 6:26 p.m. but have since indicated that the scene of the incident is now clear.