New Student Frog Club gives students exclusive access to athletics

By Madyson Buchanan

Student Frog Club from TCU Student Media on Vimeo.

While TCU Athletics has always been celebrated within the Fort Worth community, this spring has sparked a new passion for the Horned Frogs. 

With the beginning of the Sonny Dykes era, basketball’s big dance in March Madness, men’s tennis winning the indoor national championship and rifle winning its 4th Air Rifle National Championship, TCU Athletics is ending this year on a high, and students and fans have noticed.

The desire to be a part of TCU’s legacy is stronger than ever, and with the emergence of the Student Frog Club, students have the opportunity to have a larger role in leading that legacy.

“Everyone wants to be involved in the history. I think that if you join the Student Frog Club you can even go deeper than just being in the student section or going to the game. I think that this is becoming a part of the history,” said Jordan Susce, a Frog Club graduate assistant.  

The club offers students exclusive opportunities for members to get inside access to TCU Athletics by granting tours of athletic facilities, fast pass entrance to basketball games, exclusive Frog Club invitations and gear, priority postseason tickets and discounts for basketball, football and baseball games.

The $25 yearly membership donation gives access to students with an affinity for sports the ability to have a coffee with Coach Dykes and even the chance to call a play at the spring football game on April 22. 

Elizabeth Donnelly, a Frog Club graduate assistant, says the fee goes directly back to athletics.

“We try to think of it as students helping other students and vice versa,” said Donnelly. 

While the Student Frog Club was only recently revived at the end of 2021, it is striving to create a strong connection between students, student-athletes and athletics. In an effort to foster connections, the club will host a tailgate for students with free food and drinks on the Kelly Center Lawn before the spring football game.