TCU football remains undefeated, drops No. 18 Oklahoma in blowout fashion


Esau Rodriguez

TCU quarterback Max Duggan tallies 302 passing yards and 116 rushing yards against No. 18 Oklahoma on Oct. 1, 2022.

By Micah Pearce, Staff Writer

TCU picked up where they left off last week, scoring first after Dee Winters recovered an Oklahoma fumble. The Frogs didn’t let up, applying pressure the whole game to win 55-24 over the No. 18-ranked Sooners.

“The guys were really ready to play,” said head coach Sonny Dykes. “They were dialed in and focused and we had a great game plan on both sides of the ball.”

OU left multiple Horned Frog receivers open for scoring opportunities. Taye Barber was wide open for a 73-yard passing touchdown to put the Frogs up 13-3.

Quarterback Max Duggan took it upon himself to score the next touchdown when he was left wide open on the next drive for a 67-yard rush. That put TCU up 20-3 with 7:17 left in the first quarter after Griffin Kell’s extra point was good.

Duggan finished the game with 302 passing yards and 116 rushing yards.

“He was calm and made really good decisions,” said Dykes on Duggan’s performance.

Duggan’s teammates spoke highly of his performance, as well.

“We’ve played four games, zero interceptions and three touchdowns today,” said offensive lineman Steve Avila. “Everyone should put some respect on his name.”

TCU running back Emari Demercado celebrates in TCU’s victory over No. 18 Oklahoma on Oct. 1, 2022. (Esau Rodriguez)

Dykes said he was even more impressed by the lines’ protection of Duggan.

“The offensive line certainly played the best football they’ve played,” said Dykes.

The Frogs ended the first quarter 27-10 after OU scored on a 79-yard passing play. Kendre Miller put the final points on the board for the Frogs with a 15-yard rush. The Frogs gained field position after OU accrued multiple pass-interference calls, who decided that was the best form of defense against TCU’s receivers.

“Giving those guys a shot when the ball is in the air you can see what those guys can do,” said Duggan. “We’re going to keep throwing it to see if we can hit a couple of them.”

The Sooners ended the first half with six penalties, costing them 65 yards.

Duggan threw for a total of 281 yards in the first half, including another wide-open, 62-yard touchdown pass to walk-on receiver Gunnar Henderson.

After the pass and Emari Demercado taking back-to-back rushes to put the Frogs in the end zone, TCU finished the half up 41-17. They out-rushed the Sooners 198-107 and out-passed them 281-126.

Demercado finished the game with 65 rushing yards.

TCU received the kick to start the opening half. They were forced to punt. OU’s possession ended in the same result.

Horned Frog running back Kendre Miller wasn’t going to let it stay that way. He carried the ball 69 yards for a touchdown, bringing his rushing yards up to 131 on the game. He would go on to finish with 136, his second consecutive game getting over the 130 mark.

“We try to do better than we did last week,” said Miller. This week “we did it against a better opponent.”

TCU padded the lead in the second half, adding 14 points and holding OU to just 7.

Dykes said last week it’s hard to win games with so many penalties. In the matchup against Oklahoma, they tallied four penalties, which OU failed to capitalize on.

A long pause was given to attend to OU defensive back Damond Harmon, who was carted off the field after about 15 minutes of attention.

Despite the large margin of victory, the Frogs want to focus on the schedule moving forward.

“They’re not the best team we’ll see,” said linebacker Johnny Hodges.

Avila reinforced the idea.

“We have to keep a level head, we can’t get all excited about this game,” said Avila. “Just move on to the next one.”

The coaches and players know the Big 12 is wide open and a coaching change could have made that hard for the Frogs, but Duggan emphasized the ‘click’ in the offense becomes more apparent every day.

“It’s the reason that players like me, Taye Barber and others chose to stay here,” said Duggan.

The Frogs will hit the road to play Kansas in Lawrence. With Kansas and TCU being the only two undefeated teams in the Big 12, they could both be ranked in the AP top 25 when they kick off at 11 a.m. next Saturday.