TCU Student Body President strives to improve student life through community involvement


TCU Student Body President Brandon Fox works on campus improvements during his first term. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Fox)

By Chaelie DeJohn, Staff Writer

During his first five months as Student Body President, Brandon Fox has already traveled to New York to represent the student body during the Sesquicentennial Celebration Event, fixed glitches on the app for the King Family Commons and strengthened the TCU community through student engagement.

Even before he became president, Fox walked around campus while he was campaigning to find out what problems students were facing.

Fox said being a voice for students is important to him and SGA. Other members said being out in the community is good for TCU.

“The only way we’re really effective on campus is if we know what students want and have a good relationship with them,” Fox said.

Fox hopes he can continue his work by serving one more term.

“Being a junior and being in the role now and potentially being able to run again, as I plan to do, to fix some of the longer term issues and have some continuity throughout my time in SGA,” Fox said.