Creating performers: TCU students and professors jam at local jazz club


Anna Rutherford, senior music education major, plays tenor saxophone with the band during a jam session at the Scat Lounge. (Photo courtesy of Karson Beer)

By Allie Brown, Staff Writer

Horned Frogs by day and jazz musicians by night, some TCU students and professors play live at the Scat Lounge on Sunday nights when the local jazz club invites anyone onto the stage to perform with the band in a jam session.

Joey Carter, instructor of music at TCU, has been performing at the Scat Lounge since its opening in 2007, and he encourages students to join him.

“A lot of TCU students have been coming down on Sunday nights to play with us,” Carter said.

While students are required to perform regularly within the music program at TCU, Carter said that playing at the Scat Lounge inspires a new confidence in young musicians.

“Even just after playing a couple of times down there, they sound more confident when they’re playing at school,” Carter said. “Even practicing independently in a practice room is helpful, but it’s not the same as getting out and doing it, you know?”

The Scat Lounge provides an opportunity for students and community members alike to perform regularly in a real-world environment, as well as meet other musicians.

“I play at the SCAT Lounge because, first of all, it’s really fun, and also it makes me a much better player,” said senior music education major Anna Rutherford. “A big part of jazz especially is the conversation of it, and you are a better player when you’re playing with better people.”

The Scat Lounge is open for those age 21 and up Thursday through Sunday from 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Anyone can bring an instrument and jump in during the Sunday jam sessions.

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