Mars releases a new M&M color


Mars has revealed the purple M&M. (Photo courtesy of Mars Wrigley, @mmschocolate on Twitter)

By Natalie Mitchell, Staff Writer

The makers of M&Ms have discovered the power of purple.

The M&M family now includes a purple “spokescandy,” but there’s a catch.

Don’t expect to find a purple peanut M&M among the regulars in a bag of candy or as a caramel or milk chocolate candy. Purple is only available as a custom candy.

Mars Wrigley is promoting the new M&M as a symbol of inclusivity and confidence.

Mars promoted the new drop via Instagram (@mmschocolate). Twitter users such as @KhrissyChoate were upset by the company’s failure to include Purple in their physical packages of M&Ms. (Photo Courtesy of Mars Wrigley, Tweet from @KhrissyChoate)

“There is so much about our new spokes-candy that people can relate to and appreciate, including her willingness to embrace her true self,” said Jane Hwang, vice president of Mars Wrigley. “Our new character reminds us to celebrate what makes us unique.”

Some candy fans are disappointed that the new color isn’t found in traditional M&M bags.

Twitter user @KrissyChoate said, “@mmschocolate, why introduce a purple M&M character on packaging and commercials but fail to include them in packs?”