Theatre TCU’s partnership continues with Circle Theatre post-pandemic


Kodachrome play poster courtesy of Kodachrome cast member.

By Caleb Gottry

Theatre TCU and Circle Theatre are teaming up for the first time since the pandemic to produce a show, getting a group of students off campus and into a professional theater environment. Kodachrome, a play by Adam Szymkowicz, took the stage on Oct. 27. 

Circle Theatre’s partnership with Theatre TCU is not new. They have been co-producing shows about every other year since the early 2000’s. Now, in the resurgence of live theater post-pandemic, professional actors at Circle Theatre are working with Theatre TCU students. The professional and student actors are performing in Kodachrome under the direction of TCU’s department chair, Jennifer Engler. 

Kodachrome is a play that looks through the lens of the town photographer to catch a glimpse of her town and love in all stages. Circle Theatre’s executive director, Tim Long, said this piece of theater has great dialogue and an interesting story that audiences can relate to.

“It was a script our former artistic director found and was very excited about,” said Long. “He thought that it would be a good match for the time slot and for Theatre TCU for us to co-produce. That was the plan.” 

The pandemic disrupted those plans, but in the process of planning for this season, Circle Theatre decided to try again. 

For the 13 TCU students who were cast, the co-production gives them the opportunity to work with professional actors.

“More importantly, what it does for our students is it allows for a three-week rehearsal process with a four-week run which is very different from what we’re able to do on our campus, where we have a longer rehearsal process but a much more abbreviated run,” said Jennifer Engler. “Educationally, I think that’s really exciting for our students to have that extended run opportunity. It’s also exciting for them to be seen by members of the community that maybe don’t make it over here to our campus to see shows. We get some exposure for our students that they maybe wouldn’t have here on campus.”

There is a benefit for the five professional community actors as well.

“For them, it’s the eagerness of working with individuals who are on the up-and-up and who are eager to be here and get the experience,” said Long.

The co-production Kodachrome premiered on Oct. 27 and has a 16-show run over four weeks. Tickets are available through Circle Theatre’s website.