Meet Gracie Harris: SGA’s Speaker of the House


Gracie B. Harris, senior psychology and political science double major with a minor in criminal justice. Photo courtesy of Gracie Harris.

By Ella Gonzales, Staff Writer

Gracie Harris, TCU Student Government Association’s Speaker of the House, comes from a family of Horned Frogs. She’s lived up to the family legacy through getting involved on campus.

The senior political science, psychology double major and criminal justice minor is part of the Political Science distinction program, a University Life Peer guide, Chancellor’s Host and an RA in Milton Daniel Hall.

But she spends most of her time pouring into SGA as Speaker of the House. 

Gracie’s TCU Blood

Harris was born into a family of purple blood. Her grandparents, parents and brother all graduated from TCU. A total of 16 family members, not including Harris, are Horned Frogs. Despite the generational ties to TCU, Harris was not interested in continuing the tradition until she officially toured the campus. 

Gracie and her little brother with Super Frog. (Photo courtesy of Amy Harris)

“I love TCU because of the more personal feel to the campus and how friendly everyone is,” Harris said. “It is very much a community and is something I didn’t realize I wanted until I visited the campus.”

Harris got involved on campus right away. During her first-year, she joined frog aides and has been an RA since her sophomore year.

Milton Daniel’s Resident Assistants including Gracie Harris on the left-bottom step (Photo courtesy of Gracie Harris).

Gavel Gracie

Harris joined SGA as Dining Committee Chair. She recognized aspects of SGA that could be improved and knew she could help by running for Speaker of the House. 

“I realized that the speaker has so much potential to help other people fulfill their goals and I think that that is more fulfilling than just personally trying to fulfill my own agenda,” said Harris.

The Speaker of the House is the head of the legislative branch. Her main tasks consist of approving legislation and making sure it is in compliance with SGA’s code, moderating meetings with a gavel and editing legislation.

In order to be speaker, Harris had to give up her voting power to stay unbiased and neutral. If any member of the house wants a bill passed, they bring that bill to Harris and she decides how to best implement the bill. 

Gracie Harris with her gavel before the first SGA meeting of the 2022 school year. (Photo courtesy of Gracie Harris)

Court Adjourned

Harris plans to graduate with both a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science in the spring of 2023. Harris says her hope for her last year of college is to build as many relationships as she can.

“I have the opportunity to connect with people and make a difference in their college experience,” Harris said. 

After graduation, Harris plans to to take a gap year and move to D.C. before attending law school.