TCU students share their opinions on voting in the midterm elections



FILE – “I Voted” stickers are displayed at a polling place in Cheyenne, Wyo. on Aug. 16, 2022. The instant polls close across the country when Tuesday’s Nov. 8, 2022, midterm election ends the Associated Press could declare winners in some races. On election night, the The Associated Press counts the nation’s votes, tallying millions of ballots and determining which candidates have won. It’s been done like that since 1848, when the AP declared the election of Zachary Taylor as president. (AP Photo/Thomas Peipert, File)

By Yasmine Moussa, Staff Writer

TCU students shared their thoughts about voting in the Texas midterm elections, taking place on Nov. 8. Some participated in early voting while others plan to vote on election day.

Sophomore political science major Angel Solis emphasized the importance of voting. 

“I believe that it’s important to let your voice be heard,” Solis said. “It’s better than not doing anything.”

First-year SGA representative Katie Hoang said it’s especially important for young people “to make a change and use our voices.”

Senior Annalise Rogers participated in early voting.

“I’m passionate about voting because it’s our right as citizens to vote for our government officials,” Rogers said. 

First-year student Lucas Monfort also casted his ballot early.

“I think kinda getting to decide what the politics happening in this country, who our leaders are and where this country goes is super important,” Monfort said. 

The Texas midterm elections include races for the state’s highest offices — governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. 

On Election Day, Nov. 8, Tarrant County voters can catch a free ride to the polls on Trinity Metro and other transportation services.