Frog fans get deals by sporting purple on Friday


TCU School of Journalism

TCU football fans cheer on the Horned Frogs at last season’s game against SMU. Photo: TCU Student Media

By Chaelie DeJohn, Staff Writer

Wearing purple on Friday means TCU fans can enjoy discounts.

Go Purple Friday partners with a variety of restaurants and retailers all around Fort Worth to give fans deals for wearing purple.

“The idea is to have fans and the community wear purple on Fridays,” said Rory Rutledge, TCU marketing director. “They create different rewards, so if you go to a certain restaurant you could get free chips and salsa or buy-one get-one if you’re wearing purple.”

The deals last all year long in honor of every sport season.

The marketing team hopes they can keep expanding Go Purple Friday by increasing student participation, said Rutledge.

“We’ve tried to get the students a little more engaged in it or just knowledgeable of it, that Go Purple Friday isn’t just an outside of campus deal,” said Rutledge.

To find what restaurants and retailers have discounts go to