Finals are approaching: Here are some student-favorite library study spots


Students study in the quiet section on the first floor of the library. (Grace Reinhardt/Staff Writer)

By Grace Reinhardt, Staff Writer

With finals approaching, the Mary Couts Burnett Library will become a hub for on-campus studying.

TCU students use the various spaces of the library to study for exams, meet up for group projects and finish last-minute assignments.

The library has three different floors that students can choose from based on the type of study environment they prefer. Some enjoy studying and doing assignments in loud areas, while others need silence.

The second floor computer lab areas have a balanced noise level, said junior psychology major Beatrice Ascione.  

“Second floor computer labs are always really fun because it’s like a medium, so it’s still quiet so you can find that peace, but you can still talk to a friend and study with them,” Ascione said. “That’s where I usually study the most.” 

According to the library’s website, there are twenty-one study rooms. They can be reserved twenty-four hours before use. 

“I really like the study rooms, that’s what I kind of always do when I go there just because they have the white board walls where you can write,” said junior biology and Spanish double major Kristin Povinelli.

Booking a room can also be useful when working on group projects or when studying with a friend. 

“If I have a friend that’s going to study with me, I find it easier to book a study room because it’s like, ok us two have a space to just freely talk, but then also be quiet if we need to,” Ascione said.

When students need a study break, the Bistro Burnett Cafe on the library’s first floor has a variety of foods and drinks that students can buy via a meal swipe, campus cash or another form of payment. 

The cafe is also one of the library’s louder areas, so it is a good place to chat with friends, said Ascione. 

“Whenever we want to take a break from studying, we just get up, go get water, or even those little circle tables right by the bistro are really helpful because that’s when it’s really the loudest area in the library,” Ascione said.