TCU men’s golf’s Gustav Frimodt has strong start to season


Ellman Photography

TCU men’s golf at Colonial Country Club for the Ben Hogan Collegiate Invitational in Fort Worth, TX on October 4, 2022. (Photo by Gregg Ellman)

By Yasmine Moussa, Staff Writer

TCU golfer Gustav Frimodt started the season with a statement after winning the Ben Hogan Collegiate Invitational. He defeated the No. 10 ranked player in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, Travis Vick, on TCU’s first day of the Big 12 Match Play Tournament.

Coming off his win at the invitational, the senior from Denmark defeated Vick of Texas 2-1.

Head coach Bill Montigel talked about how proud he is of Frimodt after winning the Collegiate Invitational.

“That’s probably the strongest collegiate tournament of the entire year,” said Montigel. “That was phenomenal, and he did absolutely great.”

Montigel emphasized Frimodt’s strengths as a player.

“He’s an incredible putter, so he saves a lot of strokes by making putts,” said Montigel. “He’s also a very good ball striker and I think he’s gotta keep doing what he’s doing.”

After playing in the Big 12 Match Play Tournament and defeating the tenth-best player, Frimodt talked about how in a match play they say anything can happen and it is anyone’s game. 

“It’s a one round thing, so if you play your best you’re gonna win, and if he played his best maybe he would have won, it’s hard to say,” said Frimodt.

Frimodt continued to talk about how he did not let the stigma of ‘No. 10 in the world’ intimidate him throughout the match.

“I knew he was a good player, but I knew I was a good player too,” said Frimodt.

TCU finished the Big 12 Match Play Tournament in third place. 

“It is the best finish we’ve ever had in that tournament for TCU, so that was pretty awesome and doing that with your teammates is pretty special,” said Frimodt.