Legislators partner with Texas Water Foundation to promote water security


The water selection is displayed at Kroger on South University Drive (Amelia Crowley/Staff Writer)

By Amelia Crowley, Staff Writer

A group of state lawmakers joined forces with a non-partisan foundation to fight against water insecurity in Texas. 

The Texas Water Foundation is a nonprofit with a mission to lead Texas into a sustainable water future by investing in the next generation of water leaders. The purpose for its newly introduced caucus is to equip informed decision makers.

Its most recent effort has been the Texas House Water Caucus, the foundation’s partnership with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to make water security a priority in Texas. Sarah Schlessinger, CEO of the Texas Water Foundation, said 38 legislators are committed to the cause. 

Leadership from both sides of the political aisle have dedicated themselves to educating their legislative counterparts and Texans across the state on the importance of elevating water security.

— Schlessinger

Texas’ water insecurity is more significant compared to that of other states. Texas often issues boil-water notices when the water has, or could have, a contamination risk. In Texas specifically, the problem lies with its aging infrastructure and energy grid rather than contaminants. 

According to Schlessinger, public water systems reported more than 3,000 boil-water notices to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in 2022. Most of these notices came out of East Texas. 

“Winter Storm Uri likely made Texas home to the largest Boil Water Notice ever in U.S. history by number or people affected,” Schlessinger said. “Fragile water infrastructure makes Texas susceptible to boil-water notices, and this infrastructure is becoming less reliable and more expensive to repair or expand as demand increases.”

By educating legislators and ensuring water is its top priority, the Texas House Water Caucus is a step in the right direction towards water security. 

“Investing in water infrastructure to maintain modern life advantages and the economy we enjoy now will secure the health and wellness of future Texans,” said Schlesinger.