SGA votes to double student body fee


Ella M. Mercer

Student body treasurer Robby Gay presents the bill that will allow students to vote on the student body fee amount. (Ella Mercer/ Staff Writer)

By Ella M. Mercer, Staff Writer

Students are going to be asked to double TCU’s activity fee from $45 to $90 a semester, an amount SGA says is necessary to keep up with rising costs.

SGA approved the increase at Tuesday’s meeting and now the matter is up for a student vote.

If students approve, the board of trustees will vote on the proposal.

The increase would boost budgets for events, such as the fall concert, as as well a provide more money for student organizations.

SGA officials said they had to dip into savings for the $400,000 it cost to bring Kesha to campus in the fall. 

But, there isn’t enough cash on hand to pay travel and conference registration fees for student body organizations.

Opponents said the increase is too expensive and that they do not want students to have to pay more.

Representatives who supported the bill said they want to give students a voice in spending. About 79% of representatives approved the measure. 

“If we take this one step forward, we get to hear feedback from the students we represent,” Emma Anderson, senior communication studies major, said during debate on Tuesday.

Supporters said that the increase could “dramatically improve the student experience.” 

The increase is “the only way that we can continue to provide services provided by SGA,” Student Body Treasurer Robby Gay said in his closing statements.

Students can vote in March during student officer elections.