Faculty Senate votes in favor of SGA P/NC bill


Sunset at Scharbauer Hall. (Elizabeth Hubbard/TCU360)

By Elizabeth Hubbard, Staff Writer

TCU’s faculty senate convened for the first time this spring semester on Thursday, Feb. 9. The senate voted in favor of two bills presented by the Student Government Association.

The session started with remarks from President Dean Pullin, who shared his thoughts on “how we make a great place ever greater,” as well as how to work closely with faculty to benefit the student body.

Student government logo. (Photo from SGA Facebook)

The faculty senate voted in favor of two bills: the first regarding the pass/no credit (P/NC) deadline, and the other allowing faculty to include optional, additional course descriptions on their teaching style and specificities of their course on the TCU Class Search.

Sophomore Dominic Mendlik presented these two bills to the faculty, and explained that the P/NC bill would allow more time for students to choose the P/NC option. If the new bill passes the undergraduate council, then students would have until the week before the last day of classes to elect the P/NC option instead of the current deadline, which is four weeks before the last day of classes.

Mendlik said that lots of research has been done regarding this issue, as students would be in favor of extending the deadline. Not only would students be able to make more informed choices regarding P/NC, but academic advisors would also have a clearer picture about the student’s success in the class. Mendlik also claimed that, while the registrar’s office is not taking a side on this issue, he has been assured that the registrar will be able to accommodate this change if it passes.

The next step for the P/NC bill and the bill regarding additional course description on TCU’s class search will be a vote from the undergraduate council.

Directions for electing pass no credit can be found here.