Sunsets painting TCU’s sky bring joy into students’ lives


TCU Substance Recovery Advertisement is displayed at Amon G. Carter Stadium. (Photo courtesy of TCU/SURS)

By Gianna Mares

A smile crosses many students’ faces as they walk out of their evening classes and soak in the surreal rays of color scattered across the sky.

Students can’t help but to admire the gorgeous mixture of pink, purple, orange and yellow picturesque skies no matter what part of campus they are on.

The sunset on Feb. 20 2023 at 6:25 p.m. in front of Sadler Hall. (Gianna Mares/TCU 360)

Many TCU students walking around campus after class admire the sunset throughout Greek Village, in front of the library, passing the Harrison, and in front of the flag poles and monument sign in front of Sadler Hall. 

The sunset on Feb. 20 2023 at 6:24 p.m. in front of the library. (Gianna Mares)

Students take out their phones to snap photos of the stunning skies on a daily basis.

“Sunsets create a happy and tranquil feeling,” sophomore criminal justice major Zach Scher said. Scher sends the photos he takes to his parents, since they don’t get the beauty of a Texas sunset back home in Woodside, Calif.

The Sunset on Feb. 20, 2023 at 6:35 p.m. taken under the arch between PE Clark and Marion. (Gianna Mares)

Although sunsets create a scenic sight, they are often thought of as more than just a breathtaking image. 

“I take photos of the sunset because it glorifies God’s beautiful creation,” Ally Amezcua, a sophomore child development major said. When looking up at the sunset, Amezcua said she looks for her grandpa, while appreciating God’s vibrant painting in the sky. 

In a student Instagram poll, it found that 76% of people prefer the sunset, while 24% of people prefer the sunrise. 

As a reminder that pain is only temporary, Amezcua said she and her sister always send each other pictures of the sunset to motivate one another to focus on the good things in life. Growing up in a generation that missed out on small, special moments in life, watching the sunset makes Amezcua feel nostalgic and in awe, she said. 

Ally Amezcua & Nelly Brumley, pose at sunset on the top level of the Frog Alley parking garage, Oct. 2021 (photo courtesy of Ally Amezcua)

“Sunsets give me inspiration because, even after a bad day, the day can end beautifully,” Amelia Brown, a sophomore business information systems major said. 

Dozens of students share their sunset photos with others on their social media platforms. Amezcua and Brown post photos of the sunset because they think it is worth sharing the beauties of the world.