A week with theCrew

By Ella M. Mercer, Staff Writer

They craft. They hand out food. They even pet cows named Moolisa. No matter the activity, theCrew has one goal in mind: to build community on campus.

The organization plans over 100 events every year, according to its website. Since the mid-2000s, each event is planned and hosted by student volunteers.

How it all began

In 2008, TCU staff planned daily activities for students inside the newly constructed Brown-Lupton University Union to make it feel “student-owned,” said Kathy Cavins-Tull, the vice chancellor for student affairs.

Eventually, students wanted to create programs that better served the student body’s wishes. When students got involved, the organization became similar to a union board, said Cavins-Tull.

As the organization grew, it also aimed to reduce the consequences of off-campus partying like alcohol poisoning and angry neighbors. Students said there were so many off-campus parties because “there was nothing to do on campus.”

Cavins-Tull and the administration wanted to figure out what they could do to “compel a student to want to stay here on campus.” 

After receiving a university grant, the group of volunteers split into theCrew and theEnd.

theCrew today

Members of the organization agreed that the best part of theCrew is the people. They said they love connecting with other students through the organization. Volunteering at events helps members make friends and feel involved on campus.

“Our Crew helps students find something to do together,” Cavins-Tull said, commending the group for fostering a community in “the living room on campus,” otherwise known as the Campus Commons.

The organization’s events also make TCU stand out against other universities.

“theEnd has been very successful in helping students find fun things to do on the weekends, things that other universities couldn’t possibly do,” Cavins-Tull said.