TCU police unveils new parking ticket system


The TCU Police Department is located at 3025 Lubbock Ave., Fort Worth, Texas. (Heesoo Yang/TCU 360)

By Breana Adams, Staff Writer

The TCU Police Department is now using a modern parking system on campus to replace their previous handwritten method. 

New tickets will now be electronically printed on white thermal paper. The thermal paper is waterproof and rip-resistant.

The implementation of this new system streamlines the ticketing process for TCU police officers and students.

“Sometimes we would be a little bit behind putting in the tickets because it would take someone four hours to enter all the tickets by hand,” said David Coriano, who works for transportation services.

Coriano explained the mechanics of the new system.

“Instead of going out and writing it by hand, we can just scan it, the system will pull up the vehicle, you give it its fine, it prints out on a bluetooth printer and the ticket is automatically in the system,” Coriano said.

When a citation is issued, an automatic email with information will be sent to the owner. 

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  • David Coriano and TCU PD officer trying to rip a citation printed on the new thermal paper. (Breana Adams/ Staff Writer)

In addition to the changes involving the citations, students will now have the ability to pay for permits and citations online via credit or debit card. Instructions on how to pay for citations is printed on the back of the ticket.

Citations can now be transferred to another person if they were driving someone else’s car. Students and/or visitors can make the transfer by going to the TCU police website and requesting to pay for the citation. 

“It’s its own setup where you can pay out of the cart,” Coriano said. “It’s also like shopping on Amazon. You add stuff to your cart whether its a ticket or a permit, you pay for it and it works out so much better.”

Making the move an online website makes it easier for students to manage their parking information. All TCU parking information will be stored and available to access. The website is still in development and is expected to be available at the start of the fall 2023 semester. 

The new website will also include a new online appeals process.

“It works better than the stone age way we’ve been doing it the past 10 years,” said Coriano. “Now everything is instant. It saves our guards time and definitely saves the parking department’s time.”

If you have any questions about the new parking system, contact TCU police parking at (817)257-4200 and transportation services at (817)257-6889.