Tulips in full bloom: TCU’s beautiful tradition


A vibrant purple tulip blooming on TCU’s campus in March of 2023. (Ella Mercer/TCU 360)

By Mason Gillingwater

As spring begins, one of TCU’s most beautiful traditions comes into full bloom: the blossoming of the tulips.

Dating back to 1986, the TCU grounds team annually plants tulips to add a pop of color to campus during the spring semester for all to enjoy.

Unknown to many, the tulips are strategically planted every winter in order for them to blossom right when spring arrives the following March. Not only do these tulips bring color to life on campus, but it also makes students recall why they chose TCU.

“When I first toured TCU, the landscaping upkeep separated it from other colleges because it showed me how TCU cares for its campus environment and the happiness of its students,” said Grace Stewart, a junior fashion merchandise major.

Who covers the expenses for the tulips that bring so much joy to the TCU campus?

Her name was Mary Evans Beasley. Mary Evans and her husband Theodore served on the Board of Trustees for nearly 25 years and were some of the most generous TCU benefactors to date.

In an article with TCU magazine, the late chancellor William H. Tucker, who died last semester, said that Mary Evans was passionate about all things beautiful — especially flowers.

“The Beasleys and I had been talking, as we regularly did, and I suggested a gift for campus beautification. For Mary, it became the perfect match of donor and project,” Tucker said.

Through the Mary Evans Endowment Fund for Campus Beautification, Mary Evan Beasley’s legacy lives on by ensuring the maintenance of campus grounds, rotating the flower beds and keeping the lawns watered.

Through the generous endowment fund created 36 years ago, students continue to find happiness through the vivacious flowers scattered across campus that serve as a reminder of the beauty TCU has to offer.