Pizza options for TCU students

Three options for pizza around TCU with the recent closing of Pizza Snob.


The closing of Pizza Snob opens the door for other pizza restaurants by TCU. Photo by Renee Umsted.

By Ethan Love, Staff Writer

After nine years on the South University Drive retail strip, Pizza Snob closed its doors on March 10. TCU students are now left without a dedicated pizza spot that is right within walking distance of campus. 

Here are three options for students looking for a new place to satisfy their pizza cravings.

Mama’s Pizza

Mama’s Pizza on Berry. Photo by Ethan Love.

Mama’s Pizza was founded in 1968 by Ed Stebbins and has a rich history. Stebbins’ mother was from Naples, Italy and was a student at Texas Wesleyan University at the time.

They decided to open their first restaurant across the street from Texas Wesleyan.

In 1970, his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Biggs, joined the Mama’s staff and began taking orders behind the counter. She became known as “Mama” and the name stuck from there.

Cheese Pizza at Mama’s Pizza. Photo by Ethan Love. 

The Berry Street location has been open since 2003.

Mama’s on Berry did not disappoint.

Not only did they give me a 10% discount with a student ID, but the pizza itself was a delight.

They did not hold back on the cheese and the sauce.

The crust was crispy yet fluffy on the inside.

For any fans of a thicker pizza, Mama’s will not disappoint.

This was my personal favorite of the places I tried and, with it being a short drive down Berry from the campus, I would recommend Mama’s to any TCU student.


Grimaldi’s at Clearfork. Photo by Ethan Love.

Grimaldi’s has been around since 1990, originating in Brooklyn, New York.

This was the farthest from campus, located in the Clearfork area off of Hulen Street.

Cheese Pizza at Grimaldi’s. Photo by Ethan Love

The Fort Worth location has been around since 2018.

Grimaldi’s, being from Brooklyn, has that thin-style pizza that New York is so famous for.

The crust was extra crispy and got a good flavor from the pizza being cooked in a coal-fire oven.

For any fans of thin-crust pizza, I am not sure there is a better option than Grimaldi’s.

The fresh quality of ingredients makes it a suitable replacement and even an upgrade from Pizza Snob.

The style of pizza is similar at both restaurants.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom on Bluebonnet Circle. Photo by Ethan Love.

Mellow Mushroom has been around since 1974, with the first location in Atlanta, Georgia. They make stone-baked pizzas and try to provide a fun ambiance, evident by the hippie-like drawings of mushrooms seen on the inside and outside of the restaurant.

Cheese pizza at Mellow Mushroom. Photo by Ethan Love.

Mellow Mushroom is the closest pizza restaurant to campus, located just south of the University on the Bluebonnet Circle.

Location is the only advantage that Mellow Mushroom had in comparison to the other two restaurants, the pizza itself left much to be desired.

As depicted in the photo, the pizza was very greasy. I only had three slices and I felt like I could not move after eating.

The crust was thick to the point where the middle of the crust was left uncooked and doughy.

It is not a terrible option if you’re in a pinch, but Mellow Mushroom hails in comparison to Mama’s and Grimaldi’s.


This map shows the pinned locations for each of the pizza restaurants mentioned above.