TCU transfer organizations offer students an easy transition to the campus community


The Mary Couts Burnett Library, where many students study and plan their course goals. (Photo Delaney Vega)

By Noelle Siwek, Staff Writer

TCU offers programs and opportunities that allow for transfer students to feel welcomed at the university. With organizations like the Transfer Student Experience, Tundra Frog Camp and Transfer Orientation, students are set up to easily transition into the campus community.

Transfer student Daniel Gonzalez enrolled at TCU in the Spring of 2021. He said his first semester at TCU was full of excitement and involvement. 

“I had a lot of fun getting plugged into some of the school’s organizations,” Gonzalez said.

Through TCU Engage, transfer students are able to join the “Transfer Student Experience” which organizes events and hosts opportunities for students to get to know one another. 

The organization’s instagram, @tcu_tse, keeps students connected with transfer events happening around campus. 

Gonzalez said TCU made him feel welcomed and like he wasn’t alone. 

“They let me know about several student-run organizations for transfers that I could join,” Gonzalez said.

TCU puts on a specific orientation and Frog Camp called “Tundra Frog Camp” for incoming transfer students. 

Gonzalez said he found it easy to get integrated into the community through some of these opportunities. 

“I did Frog Camp Tundra just before entering in the Spring of 2021 so I felt like I already had some people I knew before starting school,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also had an easy transition into the classroom environment. He shared that he appreciated how many of the engineering professors at TCU have real industry experience from working in the field. 

Renata Fuke, a junior transfer student, was hoping TCU offered her a more growing experience. 

Beginning her college career at Southern Methodist University, Fuke saw college as an opportunity to grow personally, academically and spiritually. 

Fuke enrolled at SMU as an engineering major, but shortly into her freshman year realized she wanted to take a very different career path in secondary education and mathematics. 

This was one of the factors that influenced her to transfer out of the university. 

After her first year at SMU, Fuke felt a lack of experience and opportunity at the university, and traveled down the road to TCU where her brother was already attending. 

“The week I spent at TCU visiting I saw glimpses of how I could grow in those categories individually,” Fuke said. 

Transfer students are eligible to apply to any academic program.

“The Office of Student Success runs a transfer student experience that helps students transition to and thrive at TCU,” said Heath Einstein, the Dean of Admission. 

Transfer students are provided with the opportunity to thrive once enrolled at TCU. 

Personally, I think TCU students do a great job collaborating with one another to build each other up

— Renata Fuke


Fuke knew her brother was excelling in academics and saw how he had found a healthy and uplifting community.

“I saw people running after Jesus and that’s what I wanted,” Fuke said.  

Fuke has now began the first section of student teaching as an observer in a high-school geometry class. 

The transfer experience can be daunting, but with organizations like transfer orientation and Frog Camp, TCU makes the transition easier.