Bylaw change allows Rho Gammas to affiliate with their chapters during recruitment



The Greek Village will see changes with as Rho Gammas are allowed to partially associate with their sororities in the coming recruitment seasons. (Heesoo Young/TCU 360)

By Ryan Thorpe, Staff Writer

This fall Rho Gammas, the recruitment counselors for formal sorority recruitment, will be allowed to partially affiliate with their chapters. 

Members of TCU Panhellenic approved a bylaw change so that Rho Gammas are no longer required to clean their social media of anything sorority-related prior to the start of recruitment.

The change was proposed by the Panhellenic board, Panhellenic officials said.

Rho Gammas Leah Boling, Paige Czepiel, Lily Margaret Greenway and Larissa Myers smile for a photo in the Campus Commons during the formal recruitment period in August 2022. (Ryan Thorpe/TCU 360)

“This benefits the Panhellenic board because we don’t have to go through and scrub the internet to make sure there are any accidental affiliation-revealing posts,” said Abigail Hoffman, sophomore finance and political science major and vice president of management for TCU Panhellenic.

Previously, the Panhellenic board didn’t allow any affiliation during the formal recruitment process.

“With the bylaw change, Rho Gammas still won’t be able to explicitly tell their potential new members about their affiliation,” Hoffmann said. “They’re allowed to disclose their affiliation in a private conversation. Or not. It’s up to the discretion of the Rho Gamma to disclose any information.”

Hoffman also said that many other schools participate in recruitment with partial affiliation and that this change isn’t as groundbreaking as it may seem.

The week before fall semester classes, Greek village is filled with potential new members in frilly skirts and matching shirts marching to and from each sorority house during the formal recruitment process. Rho Gammas, typically wearing bright shirts and brighter smiles, lead groups of potential new members to each house – supporting them along the way.

Rho Gammas Claire Abele and Meredith Goldberg smile during the formal recruitment period in August 2022. (Ryan Thorpe/TCU 360)

“There are definitely going to be large changes to the training process,” said Kendall McCarthy, junior strategic communication major and vice president of recruitment programming for TCU Panhellenic.

McCarthy also said that affiliation conversation would play a part in training, and that Rho Gammas would be trained on how to go about conversations surrounding their affiliation.

Tears and high emotions run rampant through groups of potential new members during the heat of the formal recruitment process. Rho Gammas work to provide care and support – serving as “big sisters” during times of strife.

“The recruitment process can be extremely difficult for some potential new members,” said sophomore movement science major and current Rho Gamma Emily Meyer. “This is their first week at TCU and they’re all nervous about making friends and finding the right fit for them.”

Regardless of the affiliation rules, Rho Gammas will always be devoted to aiding their anxiety-ridden potential new members through the process.

“Having someone there with no judgments or prior feelings is perfect,” Meyer said. “Being the first familiar face is the true benefit of a Rho Gamma.”