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What to eat at the Texas State Fair

Jaida Joyner
Entrance to the Texas State Fair. (Jaida Joyner/Staff Writer)

The State Fair of Texas is known for its deep-fried food vendors who can make gourmet and regional dishes that are native to Texas. Unique foods join the line-up every year to bring more and more fairgoers.

“Bougie Grilled Cheese” from Stay Cheesy at the Texas State Fair. (Jaida Joyner/Staff Writer)

This fall has brought many new foods, including the “Bougie Grilled Cheese” created by Stay Cheesy. It’s a gourmet, grilled cheese filled with fresh arugula, green apples, turkey and scratch-made cranberry mayo. All in between melted brie cheese and buttery, crispy sourdough bread.

“It was seven out of 10 for me because it lacked some flavor,” said fairgoer Jonathan Soto.

“Biscoff Delight” from Drizzle Cheesecake at the Texas State Fair. (Jaida Joyner/Staff Writer)

Another popular new food item was the “Biscoff Delight,” created by Stephen El Gidi, the president of Drizzle Cheesecakes. This is a classic, New York-style cheesecake coated with Belgian chocolate on a stick. The cheesecake is coated with Biscoff cookies.

This fried treat won the 2023 Big Tex Choice Award.

“I waited 30 minutes in line for this, and I would definitely wait again because it is a 10 out of 10,” Lee Day, an annual fairgoer, said.

“Steak Bowl” from Stiffmeisters Pub & Grub at the Texas State Fair. (Jaida Joyner/Staff Writer)

The “Steak Bowl” created by Stiffmeisters Pub & Grub is a new addition to the fair foods list, as well. Made fresh with bites of prime sirloin steak, served in a bowl with a choice of homemade rustic mashed potatoes, marinated mushrooms and sautéed onions & bell peppers. It also comes with a choice of sauce to drizzle on top.

“The wait was only five minutes, which really impressed me, and I would order again if I come back, but overall, I would rate it an eight out of 10,” first-time fairgoer, David Diriba, said.

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