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Delaney Vega, a TCU journalism junior, is painting a school in Belize. (Courtesy of Teja Sieber)
“The week of joy”: Christ Chapel College’s annual trip to Belize
By Ella Schamberger, Staff Writer
Published Apr 23, 2024
174 students, a record number, went on this year's trip.

Ampersand’s renovated TCU location set to open in two months

The rendering created by the Ampersand team depicts the exterior of TCU’s renovated Ampersand location. (Photo courtesy of Toan Luong)

Ampersand is almost back. The coffeehouse on South University Drive has been closed for renovations for nearly a year. 

The inside of the Ampersand location on University Drive was completely flipped and expanded to make the space larger and more efficient. (Photo courtesy of Toan Luong)

Ampersand expanded by purchasing the storefront next door to it. “It was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” Ampersand co-founder and CEO Toan Luong said.

Customers should expect an entirely new look. 

“There is a new design, a new layout, made for efficiency,” Luong said. “Essentially we wanted a frictionless storefront for students to utilize and enjoy.” 

The renovated Ampersand location has more than doubled its seating and incorporated an open layout for optimal usage. The remodel will even make it possible to host private events.

Another change is the addition of a bar for an evening cocktail hour.

Luong said the new layout was designed with TCU students in mind. He said they wanted the space to reflect exactly what students were looking for in a study, social or meeting space. 

From the outlets to the lighting, each aspect of the new build was thoughtfully planned, he said.

With the addition of a full kitchen comes a bigger menu featuring items such as french fries and finger foods, Luong said. But fan favorites, like avocado and fig toast, aren’t going anywhere.

Students are hungry for the store’s return

The revamped space (rendering) includes more natural lighting, expanded seating, a surplus of outlets and an overall more mature space for college students to utilize. (Photo courtesy of Toan Luong)

Students said they will welcome Ampersand back when its doors reopen.

“I love Ampersand,” said Rosie Kuhle, a sophomore nursing major. “The coffee is fantastic and the avocado toast is next level. I mean, all my Frog Bucks went to Ampersand. I miss the TCU location and cannot wait for it to reopen.” 

Esther Allen, a sophomore economics major, worked at the TCU location.

“I loved working there because it was super convenient and easy,” she said. “It would get super busy and would keep me on my toes, which was exciting. I got to not only meet a lot of new people but also see my friends, which made it fun.”

The coffeehouse is also opening a location at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in April, Luong said. 

With the expansion on TCU’s campus and the airport location opening, Ampersand continues to grow and become an integral part of the TCU student experience. 

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