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Students with learning disabilities feel well accommodated at TCU

Students with learning disabilities feel well accommodated at TCU

By Monica DziakPublished December 5, 2016

While some college students enjoy sitting at the back of their classrooms, junior Chris Dorr sits at the very front. Dorr receives preferential seating in order to accommodate his learning disabilities,...

Caitlyn Rollins and Sydney Green accepted the award from PRSSA in Indianapolis. (Photo courtesy of Sydney Green)

Roxo wins award for “Best Tactic” on the national stage

By Sam BrutonPublished November 2, 2016

Team members of Roxo,the student-run advertising and public relations agency housed in TCU’s Bob Schieffer College of Communication, accepted an award last week for “Best Tactic” on their work for...

The chancellor responded to a list of demands released by students. (Kat Matthews / TCU 360)

Chancellor establishes cabinet-level diversity position

By Kacey BowenPublished October 18, 2016

TCU is establishing a cabinet-level position regarding diversity and inclusion in response to student concerns. Chancellor Victor Boschini sent out a campuswide email Tuesday outlining actions he...

The group demonstrated a silent protest at the TCU football game against Oklahoma. (Sam Bruton/TCU)

Organizers of protests release list of demands

By Tamera HyattePublished October 18, 2016

Three students who are advocating for TCU to be a more inclusive campus met with the chancellor and other administrators to discuss a list of demands they want the university to adopt. These include...

The clown was spotted after midnight wearing a white mask with red rimmed eyes and mouth. The person was walking around campus with two others who were not dressed as clowns.

Considering dressing as a clown? Cavins-Tull suggests you reconsider

By Jocelyn SittonPublished October 4, 2016

TCU's official position on clowns is that there weren't any on campus overnight. "We are aware that these reports have caused some fear and anxiety, but there have been no reports of this behavior in...

TCU fraternity men attended to support friends on Panhellenic Bid Day.

TCU tells Greeks: No Hazing

By Emily LaffPublished August 31, 2016

As new member education for fraternities and sororities is underway, TCU students are being reminded of the school's zero-tolerance hazing policy. On Tuesday evening, a campus-wide email highlighting...

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