SGA should improve spending practices

TCU has a talent for swindling the money out of students’ pockets, but probably the worst example of this is the Student Government Association’s recent decision to buy SuperFrog a new costume. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come here so I could buy the cheerleaders something new to show off at football games.

I can understand SuperFrog’s costume was a little torn, but was it really SGA’s responsibility to pay for a new one? Why don’t the cheerleaders pay for it, or the athletic department? I would have thought there was plenty of money there to pay for repairs or to buy a new suit. SGA’s money is meant for the students, not for various football fans.

Speaking of SGA spending money for students, when was the last time SGA did something for you? I, for one, get nothing whatsoever out of SGA. I don’t appreciate concerts put on by has-been wannabe rappers, I don’t watch comedians, I always throw away useless newsletters I find in my mailbox, and I, along with the majority of TCU, didn’t have a good time playing in fake $4,000 snow in the middle of winter (good one guys).

Someone needs to explain to me why SGA doesn’t do something constructive, like hold barbecues where students can escape the daily grind of The Main and grab some free food, or help the university raise money to renovate old buildings like Milton Daniel Hall. Though I might be beating a dead issue, it might be nice to see SGA advocating for more parking or lower tuition.

But that’s probably not in their interest. The recent discussion they co-sponsored on ethics and sports for example. Did anybody go to that? From what I saw the only people who showed up were basketball and football players that were required to attend. I know I wasn’t interested in going. If they weren’t talking about lowering tuition or raising financial aid, there wouldn’t be much of a point.

Does SGA even give out any kind of scholarship? Maybe instead of helping out our oh-so wonderful fraternities and sororities, SGA should think about the macro-student population. Do they do this? What about those students who work two jobs because they can barely afford to come here? What does SGA do for them?

I’m sure any SGA representative would give you a good long speech about how the SGA does so many great things for all TCU students, and you can believe them if you like. As for myself — I want my twenty bucks back.

Opinion Editor Jeff Brubaker is a junior history major from Weslaco.