Five golfers to play in Hawaii

Five members of the men’s golf team will travel to Kona, Hawaii, Sunday to compete in the Amer Ari Invitational.

Head coach Bill Montigel said he handpicked these five men to participate in the tournament based on how they played.

“It’s five guys, and we count the best four scores,” Montigel said. “It’s a combination of how they played in the fall and then to select who the best five guys are.”

The five who will fly to Hawaii are freshman Julien Brun, junior Daniel Jennevret, senior Johan de Beer, sophomore Ian Phillips and junior Pontus Gad.

“We got an incredible schedule, probably one of the best schedules of any team in the country,” Montigel said. “It’s one of things we try to do to attract golfers to TCU is be known as a school that plays the best competition and best teams.”

The team will be traveling all over the United States this spring. From Florida to Las Vegas, the team will play in some of the best tournaments in college golf, he said.

Montigel said his expectation for the team was to continue to get better as the year progressed.

“If we keep working hard, keep a good attitude, by the time it comes time for conference we have a chance to go there and win it,” Montigel said.