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A TCU student reaches for a Celsius from a vending machine- a refreshing boost amidst a hectic day of lectures and exams. (Kelsey Finley/Staff Writer)
The caffeine buzz is a college student's drug
By Kelsey Finley, Staff Writer
Published Apr 18, 2024
College students seem to have a reliance on caffeine to get them through lectures and late night study sessions, but there are healthier alternatives to power through the day.

Construction company moves into Air Force ROTC building on Lowden Street

Linbeck Construction has moved into the former Air Force ROTC building on Lowden Street.

Randall Brockett, superintendent at Linbeck, said the company moved into the university-owned building in late August. AFROTC moved into newly renovated offices in Rickel in August, as well.

“Linbeck is occupying the former AFROTC building to allow them to manage the construction on the east campus starting in December,” said Harold Leeman, associate director of major projects and facilities planning department for the Physical Plant.

The university is currently in the design development phase of the Intellectual Commons on the east side of campus, Leeman said.

Leeman said the development of the Intellectual Commons will include an addition to the Bass Building, a new academic building called the Instructional Building and an addition to the library.

Linbeck moved into the former AFROTC building after a joint decision by the university and Linbeck. Brockett said it just made logistical sense for Linbeck to be close to the construction of the Intellectual Commons.

The construction company will manage the start of the Intellectual Commons in December by doing some utility work. Construction of the Instructional Building and the Bass addition will begin in late spring, Leeman said.

Brockett said Linbeck expects to occupy the building on Lowden until around the summer of 2016.

There is not a definite decision on what will be done with the building once Linbeck moves out, but Leeman said it will most likely be torn down and turned into additional parking.


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