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New Wellness Center offers guidance for students

There is a new Wellness Center in the Rec.

TCU is implementing a wellness center, giving students a new and alternative support system.

The main goal is to sustain the “holistic wellness of our students,” said Brad Stewart, director of the Wellness Center.

“We want to help them academically, socially and physically in order to enhance their experience here at TCU,” Stewart said.

However, the Wellness Center is not the only option for students on campus.

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Alcohol and Drug Education Office and the Counseling and Mental Health Center are some of the many wellness programs already offered at TCU.

“We are not necessarily taking over these already existing programs,” Stewart said. “We are simply trying to create a cohesive, wellness brand that encompasses all those efforts at once.”

The Wellness Center is still in the developmental stage of its operation.

Although there is currently no specific wellness programs for students, graduate assistant EJ Vernon said that one goal of the Wellness Center is to assist students in finding where they belong at TCU.

“We want them to have the best experience possible at TCU,” Vernon said. “But, some students struggle to find their niche.”

The Wellness Center is aiming to improve student retention by showing students they are supported.

“It’s nice to know that TCU has a variety of places students can go to for help if they need it,” said Kevin DePriest, a junior business major.

The Wellness Center is located on the bottom floor of the University Recreation Center and is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for all TCU students.

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