Space limited on intramural fields


The women’s club soccer team practices at the intramural fields.

By Zayne Saadi

Parking space isn’t the only fiercely contested real estate around TCU.

Men and women’s club soccer, rugby, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee and the intramural flag football league all share the intramural fields for games and practices during the fall.

Different clubs and teams have to get creative in order to find enough space to play, said McCall Moore, president of the women’s club soccer team.

“The men and women’s teams usually practice together,” Moore said. “There’s just not enough space for everyone.”

Mary Ellen Milam, associate director of programs for the University Recreation Center, works with each team to accommodate their schedules. Milam said Tuesday and Thursday nights are the most crowded nights for practices and games.

“She uses this huge spreadsheet to figure out schedules for all these different teams,” Moore said. “It’s crazy because it is literally always completely full.”

Moore said playing on regulation size for games after practicing in a confined space during the week is sometimes a difficult transition.

“For away games—it’s a weird problem to have—we’ll get to play on a really nice field and we’re like, ‘Wow! I forgot how much faster our runs need to be to move the ball!’” Moore said.

Moore said that it can be frustrating trying to find spaces to practice throughout the week, but the crowded space is coming from a positive thing.

“We have so many club sports and intramural teams at TCU,” Moore said. “It shows how many students are involved and participation is always a good thing so we really can’t be mad.”

Milam said scheduling the limited space is a “cooperative process.”

“Club and intramural sports will be able to use the new intramural fields for afternoon games on the weekends,” Milam said. “But the fields will not have lights and cannot be used for night practice or games.”

Milam said the new intramural fields should be opening in spring 2017.