MAN ON THE STREET: What do TCU students want built on campus?


TCU students respond to what they want built on campus. (Meagan Thompson/TCU360)

By Meagan Thompson

TCU is no stranger to construction projects all over campus, with starting hours a bit earlier than some students may like. I ventured out and asked TCU’s students to flip the script. In this scenario, they would get to choose what they wanted TCU to build on campus – and the answers were not what I expected them to be.

While I pulled a rookie move and tried to interview students at 9 a.m., the few, brave and sleepy-eyed souls who took up my question had some creative answers.

There you have it — from intramural fields to Chipotle to tree houses, TCU students know how they would expand TCU’s campus. Maybe someone should propose the projects at the next TCU Town Hall? Until then you can read up and  get excited about TCU’s current construction projects here.