Women’s club basketball team aims to boost confidence


A general view of atmosphere appears at Spalding Basketball’s “Arena to Driveway” competition, on Friday, Aug. 17, 2012 in the Queens Borough of New York. 18-year-old Carlos Mayorga was selected to receive a basketball court makeover courtesy of Spalding, the official supplier of NBA hoops and basketballs. (Photo by Brian Ach/Invision for Spaulding/AP Images)

By Drew Mitchell

Two TCU students are in the process of starting a women’s club basketball team with hopes to bolster women’s courage.

Sophomore Kynnedi Rone, a strategic communication and sociology double major, and junior Sophia Schultz, a nursing major, are the students responsible for kickstarting the club.

Rone said many female students lack the confidence to play with guys, which is why she and Schultz decided to create the team.

Sophomore Kynnedi Rone is one of the students founding the club women’s basketball league. Photo courtesy Kynnedi Rone.

Schultz said the team will help female students create a sense of family around the sport.

“I think it’ll just add to the sense of equality,” Shultz said. “I just think that it’ll give an outlet for girls to just come together and boost their confidence.”

Fred Stewart, a security guard with TCU police, will be the faculty sponsor of the club league.

“What I want to see is more students interacting together,” Stewart said. “By having this basketball league, maybe they can come see us practice or play a couple of games.”

Bailey Boyle, a junior biology major, will also play on the team. Boyle said basketball means a lot to her because it’s her getaway.

Junior Sophia Schultz is one of the students founding the club women’s basketball league. Photo courtesy Sophia Schultz.

“I think it’ll give girls an opportunity to play basketball other than just playing pick-up at the rec,” Boyle said. “A lot of guys don’t let you play anyway just because you’re a girl.”

Rone and Schultz are currently looking at other women’s club teams across the nation to determine what league they could play in.

The group is also working on creating a constitution and submitting a proposal to the TCU club sports office.

“I’m looking forward to the organization starting,” Rone said. “We’re really looking forward to a lot of spirit and support when we get the team up and running.”

Rone said the club will raise awareness by selling t-shirts and if all goes well, they will hold tryouts within the next few months with hopes to start in the spring season.