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Paschal-area residents opposed to new apartments

Paschal High School. Photo by Collin Gray.

Residents of the Paschal neighborhood surrounding TCU are concerned about safety and overpopulation after new apartments were proposed to come to the area.

CRG, a Chicago-based developer, is considering building a multifamily housing development to continue the growth of the community.

The proposed 350-unit apartment complex would be bordered by West Cantey, West Lowden, Forest Park Boulevard and Wayside Avenue and would add more congestion to an already-cramped area, according to residents living near Paschal High School.

J.D. Barnes, the president of the Paschal Neighborhood Association, said his main concerns are traffic and the safety of high school students.

“It’s a nightmare now,” Barnes said. “It’s pretty crowded right now and adding 300 more cars isn’t gonna help.”

Since the apartments would likely have TCU students living in them, Barnes said he’s a little worried about the close proximity they’ll have to high school students and the potential bad influence they would have on the young adults.

Jay Case, a CRG developer, said he believes Fort Worth’s housing market is growing, and that’s why CRG wants to build in the area.

“This land was for sale,” Case said. “We seek out these opportunities to capitalize on.”

Barnes said he believes everyone “needs to slow down and take a breath” on whether to finish the apartments.

Mary Lou Dunaway, who has lived in the area for nearly 20 years, said CRG needs to consider the concerns of nearby homeowners before starting a project of this magnitude. 

“I want to be able to live in a house where you can walk a young child,” Dunaway said, “not across from college kids.”

Even though she’s opposed to the idea, Dunaway said she thinks change will eventually come to the neighborhood. 

Barnes and Dunaway both felt that the community wasn’t properly notified of the zoning changes.

Both Case and Barnes are optimistic that their arguments will prevail at the upcoming Fort Worth City Council meeting on March 3.

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