New student body officers plan for next year


Ella M. Mercer

Next year’s student body officers talk about the summer and plans for the fall in the SGA offices. (Ella M. Mercer/ Staff Writer)

By Ella M. Mercer, Staff Writer

The student body officers-elect are planning the fall concert, working to improve advising and meeting with a committee to prepare for a tight budget next year.


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Summer plans

Joe Winick, president-elect, Dominic Mendlik, vice president-elect and Kellen Meagher, treasurer-elect, will work over the summer with students and administrators.

Winick, a sophomore political science major, said before the semester ends, his job is to create a “concrete game plan” for the summer and next semester. 

Winick’s plan involves the fall concert and getting new equipment for the recreation center. He said he is focusing on “things that students are going to be able to enjoy on the first day of school.” 

“We have our work cut out for us over the summer,” Winick said. 

Mendlik said he wants students to form personal relationships with their academic advisors. 

Mendlik said he would not be writing any legislation to change advising but rather advocating for students behind the scenes.

“The university has committed significant funds, and resources, and time and staff to looking at the advising problem and coming up with solutions,” said Mendlik. 

He said he has been presenting students’ concerns to administrators and is working on a four-year planning tool and increased communication.

Student organization funding

Meagher, a junior accounting major, said he wants to give “fair and equitable” funding to student organizations next year. 

Student Government Association denied clubs’ requests for money and enforced stricter regulations on the types of requests allowed after running out of money for student organizations this year.

“It’s not a challenge we’ve faced before,” said Mendlik. He and Meagher have listened in on meetings with the SGA Ad Hoc Appropriations Committee, run by the current treasurer, Robby Gay.

The committee wants to give more money to student organizations, Mendlik said. Their revised budget will be released next week.

“We wan to just empower student organizations as much as we can,” Meagher said.

Fall concert

The fall concert was a part of each officer’s campaign. Winick said he would let students pick the artist, but the details are preventing the officers from doing so.

“There’s a lot of hurdles and obstacles to getting the students involved,” said Meagher.

The officers said that getting students to pick a specific artist would be too risky. The artist could decline, back out last minute, or be too expensive. 

Instead, the cabinet is planning on asking the student body for their input on the artist’s genre. 

“It’s a good compromise between what artist, specifically, but also, who the student body would appreciate,” said Winick. 

Mendlik is still pushing to host the concert on a weekend with good weather. 

Details about the budget for the show will be released next week in the budget for the fiscal year 2024.