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Frog Aides TCU State Fair

New SGA budget supports increased funding for clubs and the fall concert

By Ella M. Mercer, Staff Writer
Published Apr 19, 2023
SGA finalized next year's budget after cutting some funding from Frog Aides and Frogs First. The new budget boosts student organization and fall concert funding.
Frog Aides from the 2021-2022 school year (Lia Perez/Frog Aides Co-Director)

SGA tables bill that would have eliminated funding for Frog Aides

By Ella Mercer, Staff Writer
Published Apr 12, 2023
SGA tabled a budget that would have cut funding for Frog Aides. The plan reallocated the money to the fall concert.
Next years student body officers talk about the summer and plans for the fall in the SGA offices. (Ella M. Mercer/ Staff Writer)

New student body officers plan for next year

By Ella M. Mercer, Staff Writer
Published Apr 11, 2023
The new student body officers cannot let students pick the fall concert artist, but they are trying to improve advising and give student organizations more money next year.
Macklemore during the SGA-sponsored spring concert on Jan. 14, 2016. (Laura Belpedio/Staff Writer)

Students voice opinions on increased student body fee

By Ella M. Mercer, Staff Writer
Published Mar 11, 2023
Students shared their opinions on a proposed student body fee increase as they mingled around campus Tuesday.

Trump’s budget would change student loan process, rates

By Griffin Conboy
Published Feb 20, 2018
Changes to loans would apply to those borrowing after July 1, 2019 and does not include loans provided to borrowers to finish their current education.

Never Stop Nancy: house minority leader delivers 8 hour speech on immigration

By Elizabeth Campbell
Published Feb 8, 2018
Pelosi set a new record for longest continuous speech delivered in the House.