New SGA budget supports increased funding for clubs and the fall concert


SGA Frog Aides held a TCU State Fair in the commons. (Photo courtesy of Frog Aides via Instagram)

By Ella M. Mercer, Staff Writer

In a hurried attempt to approve a budget before summer, Student Government Association changed its original proposal to one that supports Frog Aides and increases money for clubs and the fall concert.

“We, as an organization, need a budget, and we pretty much need it today,” said Robby Gay, the student body treasurer and senior mathematics major.

A total of $905,000 will be collected for SGA from the student body fee, according to the most updated student population numbers.

The budget allots over $200,000 to the fall concert and over $130,000 to student organizations.

The House passed the bill with 89.7% of the vote.



Last week, the House tabled the proposed budget after Frog Aides co-director-elect, Vivian Blakeley, gave a passionate speech to the representatives asking them to rethink the cuts.

The original proposed budget cut all $27,000 from Frog Aides, but the new budget will only cut $8,750 from the organization.

The budgets for the fiscal years 2023 and 2024 are compared. (Ella M. Mercer/Staff Writer)

The university will give at least $200,000 from the sesquicentennial celebration fund for the concert next year, said Gay. 

Gay’s vision for future SGA budgets cuts funding from Frogs First, the Christmas tree lighting, homecoming and family weekend activities. 

“We no longer really wanna be responsible for funding that because we think it’s a university issue,” Gay said. SGA budgeted half of this year’s contribution for Frogs First next year to phase out its support of the event.

The Ad Hoc Appropriations Committee created this new budget after students voted not to double the student body fee. 

The new budget is expected to be reevaluated again at the end of next year.