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College of Fine Arts

College of Fine Arts dean search to continue next year

By Alexandra Preusser
Published Mar 2, 2020
TCU will continue the dean search into the 2020-21 academic year.
AddRan announces new dean

AddRan announces new dean

By Alexandra Preusser
Published Feb 16, 2020
Provost Dahlberg announced the new dean of the AddRan College of Liberal Arts.
Faculty, staff call for change in letter to TCU community

Faculty, staff call for change in letter to TCU community

By Robbie Vaglio
Published Feb 12, 2020
The letter calls for on-campus equity and justice to strengthen the university's reputation.
Student coalition works to implement change at TCU

Student coalition works to implement change at TCU

By Drew Mitchell
Published Feb 10, 2020
Student organizers are trying to make systemic change at TCU.
TCU Economics Department is now under investigation for the discrimination of a former professor. Photo by Marissa Stacy

Former faculty member sues alleging discrimination

By Marissa Stacy
Published Jan 29, 2020
This is the second lawsuit filed against TCU this month.
Dr. Andrew Ledbetter worked on the study that supported the Faculty Senates resolution.

Opponent of restructuring employee benefits removed from committee

By Robbie Vaglio
Published Dec 3, 2019
Boschini has to make a recommendation to the board of trustees about restructuring faculty benefits by the next meeting in April.
Texas Christian University Chancellor, Victor J. Boschini addresses the media during the press conference to announce TCU joining the Big East Conference  Monday, Nov. 29, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas. (AP Photo/David Pellerin)

Boschini pushes to change alert system company

By Carolina Olivares
Published Nov 21, 2019
A multilingual alert system may be set in place next fall.
Chancellor Boschini at Septembers Faculty Senate meeting. Photo by Heesoo Yang.

Tuition to exceed $50,000 moving forward

By Robbie Vaglio
Published Nov 12, 2019
Tuition for the 2020-21 academic year will $51,570, or 4.9% higher than this year's rate.
At the event, two people from the new school of medicine spoke about the high selectivity of the school. Photo by Cristian ArguetaSoto

Lead On campaign to raise $1 billion

By Renee Umsted
Published Oct 24, 2019
TCU is $400 million away from meeting its goal.
Faculty Senate Chair Clark Jones (right) looks on as Chancellor Victor Boschini discusses TCUs benefits package in 2019. (TCU360)

TCU looks to cut benefits for future employees

By Robbie Vaglio
Published Oct 24, 2019
Even though the program will cut benefits, Chancellor Boschini said the package will still be competitive.
Chancellor Boschini addresses the crowd at Fall Convocation. Photo by Cristian ArgeutaSoto.

Boschini: New year, new leadership

By Leslie Fields
Published Sep 16, 2019
The Chancellor announced this years award winners, introduced the new Provost, and shared his goals for the academic year at the Fall Convocation.
Into the Light, choreographed by Erika Record of Out on a Limb Dance, Sarah Newton and Laura Barbee.

The dual admission process for dance majors

By Livia Lavender
Published May 7, 2019
Prospective dance students must be accepted to both the university and the dance program.