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Fort Worth Miracle League attending the club fair in August 2023. (Photo courtesy of Carter Moore)
The National Miracle League is making its way to Fort Worth through TCU students
By Kimberly Moreno, Staff Writer
Published Feb 21, 2024
Two TCU students hope to bring a chapter of the Miracle League to campus.

SGA election goes social


The results of the Student Government Association elections are in and students took to social media to voice their opinions about the results.

Students tweeted and posted Facebook statuses, YouTube videos and photos on Instagram to endorse and criticize candidates, discuss campaign issues and respond to the election results.

John Stewart, a sophomore pre-major, said he thought more students were using social media to talk about the election because of the issue regarding the bronze SuperFrog statue last semester.

“I think certain issues last semester made more people aware of just how much money SGA has and that they should probably care more,” Stewart said.

Some students, including sophomore supply and value chain management major Clay Eber, felt the amount of social media used in this election increased dramatically from years past.

“Posts about the election have been clogging up my Facebook all week,” Eber said. “I don’t know if it’s because more people care about this election or if it’s because Cody and Graham are so popular on campus, but there’s definitely a lot more of it.”

Morgan Jenkins, a sophomore communication studies major, said she thought the social media surrounding the election was overwhelming but effective.

“My vote was definitely influenced by what people were posting on Facebook,” Jenkins said. “I was set to vote for one person but changed my mind after seeing that a lot of my friends and people I respected supported a different person.”

After winners were announced, students continued to post on social media to congratulate the winners and discuss how the results would affect the coming semester.

“I think that Cody is going to do a great job because he has realistic goals,” Kyle Kita, a first-year business major, said. “The rest of the SGA representatives will help work with him to make TCU a better campus."

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