OPINION: TCU should have campus carry


By Shelby Whitson

ShelbyImagine having to prove you had the right to freely speak. Or the right to freely practice your religion. Or to protect your life. We almost cannot conceive of a society in which this would take place because it isn’t the American way. The Bill of Rights was established because the founders of this country viewed such rights as God-given and inalienable. A free society always places the burden of proof, to show that granting the right will cause harm, on those seeking the denial of the right. A free society never places the burden of proof, to show that the right is needed, on those seeking the granting of a right.

The presence of concealed carry weapons on campus is warranted and safe and a right that students at TCU should have. For that reason, I would urge the governing body of this university and all students to consider very carefully the components of this issue. Campus carry is an essential individual liberty, and there is no legitimate reason not to allow it.

Campus carry legislation essentially extends concealed carry rights that exist already in virtually every public place. Before concealed carry was legalized, citizens worried that it would lead to an escalation of violent crimes and suicides. People fervently insisted this would be the case. It wasn’t.

Concealed carry has not turned parking disputes into blood baths. It hasn’t prevented people from freely expressing their views in Texas churches. It hasn’t prevented heated debates in the Texas State Capitol. These are all places where concealed carry is allowed. The word “concealed” is there for a reason. A person with a license is not a threat; a homicidal person walking onto campus is.

Don’t let your decisions about policy be influenced by misinformation and fear. At the end of the day, I am proud to stand in fervent affirmation of opting in to campus carry legislation. I hope you will join me.