Who’s Running for Student Body Officer Positions?


By Olivia Wales

Get to know the candidates before student body officer elections on Thursday, April 11.


Patton Maynard
Matt Williams
Josh Witkop

Vice President, External

Ontario Brown
Jack Leonhard

Vice President, Operations

Ryan Chandler


Paige Shiring

Patton Maynard

“We, not Me”

  • Junior Political Science and Theatre double major
  • “I wish to unite the TCU community by building and strengthening our traditions. I believe that we have an opportunity next year to start a new campus culture that touches every student on campus, not just a chosen few.”
  • Involvement: TCU Dutchmen, Theatre, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega
  • Platform: Create events to foster community and tradition, enhance presidential visibility with public speeches and continue to support mental health, DEI, and It’s On Us funding.

Matt Williams

  • Junior finance major
  • “I want to advocate for something that the student body as a whole can rally behind. If we as students are in unison advocating for ideas, our collaborative voices can truly be heard.”
  • Involvement: SGA Finance Committee Chair, Student Foundation, Beta Theta Pi, Neeley Fellows, Frog Camp Facilitator
  • Platform: Tuition affordability, student success through more study spaces and inclusion.

Josh Witkop

“Serve On”

  • Junior biochemistry major
  • “I firmly believe that from our unique positions as students, classmates, roommates, friends, and leaders, each of us can take what we do in day-to-day life and shift our mindset to work to uplift and value others. When we reconfigure our fundamental life actions, big and small, to uplift and value others, we serve on.”
  • Involvement: Student Foundation, Frog Shadow, Beta Theta Pi
  • Platform: Engage against sexual assault, improve pass-no credit options and unite the TCU community.

Ontario Brown

“Coming together, working together and staying together. That’s the vision!”

  • Sophomore secondary education and mathematics double major
  • “I am committed to ensuring that SGA serves as a true resource for every type of student. It is the necessity to ask students what their vision is for this campus and do everything in our power to make that vision come into fruition.”
  • Involvement: Chancellor’s Leadership Program, World of Truth Gospel Choir, Black Student Association, College of Education Dean’s Advisory Cabinet
  • Platform: Cohesion among students and SGA members, representation for the underrepresented and conversing with other Big-12 schools.

Jack Leonhard

“Believe in Better”

  • Sophomore finance major
  • “Over this next year, I would like to develop deeper ties with the City of Fort Worth as a student body and engage not only individual students, but student organizations, both tasks that should be in the wheelhouse of the VPE.”
  • Involvement: Connections Mentor, Frogs First leader, Real Estate Club, former president Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity
  • Platform: Elevate the campus experience through dining options, engage the local community with streamlined off campus housing and empower students.

Ryan Chandler

“Do More”

  • Sophomore business marketing major
  • “I believe that to whom much is given, more is expected. SGA is given an abundance of money and resources, and we cannot let that go to waste. We cannot settle, we must grow and do more for this campus.”
  • Involvement: SGA Chairman of Student Outreach Committee, member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, owner of Philia Clothing, Frog Aides
  • Platform: Advocate for student representation on the Board of Trustees, free feminine hygiene products in bathrooms on campus, and full usage of SGA funds.

Paige Shiring

“Pink is Powerful”

  • Sophomore finance major
  • “I want to serve the student body in a transparent and honest way. I plan to empower organizations that personally touch the lives of every student, no matter how small.”
  • Involvement: Neeley Fellows, Kappa Alpha Theta Chief Financial Officer, TIP Board. Shiring passed a House Bill this semester that supported the creation of a fixed tuition plan.
  • Platform: Transparency and affordability in tuition prices, budgeting and communicating with administration.